Basics Of Wedding Video Cinematography

Most wedding videographers shoot with the camera on a tripod. This is because wedding are very classical by nature and therefore a more classical cinematography style should be employed to match the style of the situation.


How ever with the increase of the hand held style of shooting video on tv and feature films, there has been an increase in the number of wedding video being shot with that style. The thought is that with a hand help style the frame has more excitement in it as there is a slight kenetic energy to the image.


Another style which has becomes popular is the use of Dutch angles (tilted camera). This is a cinematography technique that used to only be employed in the early day of cinema in horror films in order to give the audience an un easy feel. How ever the dutch angles has becomes more trendy in feature films over the last ten years and has now began to creep into wedding videos as well.


At Leeds Wedding Video we stick to the traditional style as we feel that fit the traditional aspect of wedding. After all, trends come and go but the traditional is always in favour and since a bride and groom want to be married for the rest of their lives its best to keep in mind that they don't want to look back at their wedding in twenty years and think that its tacky because a style of the time was used that has not become cheesy and dated.



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