One Camera Or Two Camera Wedding Video


When asking the question do I need a one camera wedding or a to camera wedding video, one must ask one's self is my priority to have as smooth and sophisticated wedding video as possible or is it to save and money and save intrusion on the day.


The fact of the matter is the wedding video will be much more professional as a two camera wedding video than as a one camera wedding video. The ability to cut from one camera to another allows first of all to remove big mistake elements like somebody standing right in front of the camera whilst also keeping the time line running. Imagine the vows are taking place during the actual wedding service and the vicars assistant or the photographer stand right in front of the camera. Off course you could cut this out in the edit but then you will be cutting out some of the vows. The extra camera allows as insurance for these mistakes.

But it is not just a matter of covering up mistake, it is also to allow for more comprehensive coverage of the proceedings. A completely different angle allows the viewer to get a greater sense of what is going on and the ambiance of the situation. If there was a wedding taking place in Easter Enders or Coronation street, the viewer would be used to seeing many different camera angles, so making your wedding video as close to that as possible will make it seem more professional and comprehensive.

Some parts of the wedding video benefit from the second camera more than others. The parts that benefit the most are the ceremony, speeches and the first dance.

The speeches benefit as it allows the viewer to have a mid shot of the person making the speech and cut to a wide shot of the head table or various tables to see the reactions of the people in the room. On the first dance it is important because as the bride and groom turn, their will be many moments where all you will see is the back of either the bride or the groom's head. By having that second camera you can cut so that you can always see their faces.


The down side to having the extra camera is the extra intrusion of having another camera which causes extra pressure on those nervous moments.

The other issue is cost. Most wedding videographers will charge an extra two hundred to four hundred pounds for the extra camera and it operator so this can be prohibitive depending on your budget.

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