Wedding Photographer Verses Wedding Videographer

Some want both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer but simply cant afford both, so are left with the choice, a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer. There are many factors that will sway a bride and groom one way or another. Some of these are:


1, Do the bride and groom have a family friend that can do one or the other?. If so this can be a deciding factor in terms of what the bride and groom decide to spend money on. After all this is a path to getting both, its just that its likely that the one that they don't spend money on will be inferior to the other but at least this way they will get both. From doing both wedding photography and wedding videography, I have noticed that it is much more likely that a family friend will do some ones photography than their wedding video. This is because we all take photo everyday on our mobile phone and the basic editing of photographs is simple. Video however is more complex and to an untrained person is the task of learning video editing software is very daunting in deed. One must also have a knowledge of how to compress and author dvds which is a tricky business, or else the bride and groom will not even be able to watch their wedding video. With televisions now coming with usb ports it is now possible to watch a wedding video with a playable disk but even that requires knowledge of the correct format for the codecs that the television has.

The fact that working on a continuous timeline also causes problems. A videographer is expected to keep footage perfect all the time, where as a photographer can take many bad shots and just give the bride and groom the good ones.


2, It maybe that the vicar or who ever is leading the ceremony will allow a videographer but not a photographer in the church. This can help make up the minds of the bride and groom because if you are going to pay for a processional service then you would want to get all of that service you are paying for.


It is how ever sometimes the case that although allowing both the photogrpher and the videographer, into the church, the vicar will allow one particular one of them a good position, where as the other is forced to shoot at the back. We have had it both ways round in the past. Some time the ceremony leeder will allow the videographer at the front, but not the photographer, because the video does not make the clicking sound that photography cameras make when the shutter opens and closes. I have also had it the other way round, where the vicar thinks that the photographer will slip into the back ground better, than a larger video camera on a tripod.


This will also effect the decision, because a good view of the ceremony make all the difference in term of capturing the emotion of the day. Would you hire a photographer, knowing that the videographer can get better shots of the all important ceremony?




3, Which is the most important to the bride and groom. This may be obvious but since there are other factors as discussed above this is definitely worth a mention. The fact is some people just love photography because of it classic elements and others just love the idea of being a Hollywood couple with their own personal wedding video.


4, Previous experience of both art forms will also effect their decision. If for example a friend of the bride had a wedding video done and it was fantastic and the wedding videographer was available, then this may sway the decision because the bride will clearly know the value of using a professional.


5, The activities of the wedding also effect the decision. If a couple have activities like fireworks or a magician or a band, then these are activities that will be shown best on video rather than photographs due to the ongoing nature of them and the sound element. A lot of couples will then be convinced into a wedding video because they will think to them selves "we have so much to gain from a wedding video because we will be able to show case these great elements of our wedding".


6, Pressure from friends and family also make a big difference. We have done a lot of wedding where we have been hired to do the wedding video last minute, simply because a member of the family is ill and therefore can not make it to the wedding. In a situation like that video is always chosen over photography, because photography only tells the story if you have prior knowledge of it. Video having both visual and audio tells the entire story of the day.


Off course there are many factors that sway how a person makes a decision but from our experience producing wedding videos, these are the main factors when choosing between photography and video.


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