Can The DSLR Replace The Digital  Camcorder

Over then past few years more and more people have been starting to shoot video with a DSLR photography camera in video mode. One particular camera is the canon 5d mark 2. This camera has apparently been used to shoot feature films and episodes of popular series such as Keifer Sutherland's 24.

The Canon 5d mark 2 is a full frame photography camera and so when in video mode it can record full frames at 1080p which gives a high recording quality.

But can it be used for wedding videos? .The answer is yes but with extreme difficulty compared to the digital camcorder. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that professional digital camcorders come with 3 different UV filters attached to the camera which can be interchanged with the push of a button. This is particularly important when shooting a wedding video because you are constantly shooting in available light. One minute your inside and the next you are outside in massive sunshine. Having the ability to quickly engage a UV filter onto the camera is a huge help. With a DSLR photography camera you would have to grab a UV filter from your pocket, remove it from its protective case and the then screw it onto the camera, by which time you may have missed an important shot. Having attached the UV filter the sun then goes behind a cloud, so you would quickly have to unscrew the filter and put it away again. Clearly this is no good for a situation in which you are shooting on the fly.

The other main issue is the lack of rolling auto focus. When you are shooting on the fly as you are at a wedding, you do not have time to pull focus. It would essentially be a two man job to operate the camera.

Another issue with the DSLR in terms of shooting wedding videos is the sound. While these cameras have sound they are really built for video and therefore the sound quality and versatility are not as good on these cameras.

We have noted over the years, that all the top quality wedding videographers, still use proper camcorders. One such company is Total Manchester Wedding Videos. They are wedding videographers in Manchester, and having won many awards for their work, they feel that having the extra tools of a camcorder, makes all the difference in those difficult live event shooting situations.


In summary the DSLR will make the task of producing a wedding video very difficult which will add a lot of stress on the day. This will eventually lead to mistakes and therefore I do not think they are suitable for wedding videos.




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