What Should A Wedding Video Consist Of?

A wedding video in its simply form should be a comprehensive visual aid to the wedding day and therefore contain all major elements of the day.


Years ago no one would have dreamed of taking a pictures of the bride getting ready. The wedding photographer was simply there to take pictures of the ceremony and some group shots outside after the service. But as the years have rolled by the job of the wedding photographer has expanded to cover the entire day. Because of this the role of the wedding videographer has also expanded in the same way and therefore the beginning of the wedding video often starts with the bridal prep.

Some brides however prefer the videographer to go to the church early instead to capture the one aspect of the day which the bride does not get to see, which is everyone arriving, hugging, shaking hands and finding a seat. Its is also the case that some brides do not want the extra pressure of having a video camera there as they franticly get ready for the biggest day of there lives.


All the typical elements that we add to a wedding video are:


Bridal prep


Musical montage of the photographs being taken

Musical montage of the details of the breakfast/dinning room


Cutting the cake

First dance


All of these elements are things that actually happen on the day except for the details of the breakfast room. This is something that we added to our wedding videos because it is something that the bride and groom have put so much effort into.


If there is anything else happening on the day this must also be videoed as it will be something that the bride and groom will have spent money and time on and therefore must be included. Examples would be a magician, singer, impressionist.


We always ask if anything like this will be taking part on the day when we do our final prep, so that we know where and when these things will be happening so that we can make sure we are there to capture it.



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