Who Should Get Priority The Wedding Photographer Or The Wedding Videographer

When asking the question who should get priority one must look in detail at the complexities of a wedding day and break it down in a logistical way because different elements and considerations of the day require different methodologies.


During the service the wedding videographer is essentially stationary because he must keep his camera steady to produce classical and professional picture. It would be a poor wedding video if the camera is raggedly moving around. Therefore since the photographer is mobile and is not working on a constant timeline the photographer should work around the wedding videographer.

Usually during the service the photographer will be working next to the videographer, as they face a diagonal line towards the bride. The photographer may deviate from this position at times in order to photographs the groom but most of the time the photographer will stay in that position because movement is not appreciated by those who conduct wedding ceremonies.

After the ceremony the photographer will become the organiser as he gets people into position for the group shots. This is at times a difficult task so at this stage it is important that the videographer works around him. During this stage of the wedding day we like to video slow zooms at the groups and we normally do this by standing right next to the photographer. That way we do not get in each others shots.

There is how ever the odd time where in order to get a wide enough shot to fit everyone in the frame the videographer has to move back and this sometimes brings the photographer in the frame. If the photographer is covering an important person in the frame then the videographer should ask the photographer politely to move back for a second. If the photographer is not blocking an important person and is simply in the frame, then there is no problem with having him in the frame because he is in his own way part of the story of the day.

During the speeches the photographer should again work around the videographer because the videographer is working on a constant time line and can not move the camera once the speeches have started.

The same is true of the first dance. If the photographer needs to get past the video camera then he should move round the back to avoid blocking the view of the bride and groom. Its is how ever the wedding videographers responsibility to make sure there is room behind the camera for the photographer to get round. Its is also a good idea to tell the photographer that you have left him enough room. Its a polite way of making it clear that you expect him to go round the back and not get in the way.


Following these steps will give the videographer a good chance at having a good working relationship with the photographer and a good chance of keeping the photographer out of the frame. Unfortunately there are times when this detailed methodology does not prevent such things happening because you end up working with an arrogant photographer that considers videographers as having no place at weddings because photographers have been working at weddings for years. The type of photographer to weary off is the un experienced photographer who is so out of his depth that he does not know where he should be from one moment to the next.


As a wedding videography company we pride our selves on doing everything we can to make things run smoothly, that way we not only get the desired result more often, but we also have the pleasure in knowing that we have carried out our job with the up most professionalism.


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