What Music Should Be Used For A Wedding Video

When asking the question "what music should be used for a wedding video" the wedding videographer must ask the question "what am I trying to achieve with this muisc?.

The first thing that obviously comes to mind is a sense of Romance. After all this is a romantic situation so it makes perfect sense to have romantic music to fit the mood of the occasion.

Often the bride and groom will have a song that they both really like and therefore it is important that this be fitted into the wedding video somewhere. How ever, often that particular song has already been chosen by the bride and groom and therefore it should not be edited into the wedding video as it will lessen the effect of the song when the first dance section of the video eventually appears, as it has already been heard before by the viewer.

In a typical wedding video there will be four sections where music will be edited into the video. These are: bridal prep, the musical montage of the photographs being taken,

the details of the room, and the cake being cut. There will be other incidental music in the video during the service and the first dance but these are out of the control of the wedding videographer.

In general romantic songs work great but you must listen to the lyrics of the song because sometimes couples request songs assuming that they are romantic songs when in fact the lyrics are twisted and very dark. A good example of this would be the song "One" by U2. Its sounds on the surface a very deep and romantic song but when you listen to the lyrics closely you discover that it is written from a very dark place and therefore not suitable for a wedding video.


In summary much thought must be given to the choosing of songs and one must listen closely to the lyrics. Romance is great but when it becomes to romantic it can become cheesy so one must take care and take that into account also. After all the wedding video is for ever so you must chose songs that you will still love in the future.

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