What Determines Video Recording Quality

Video picture quality is essentially determined by four factors


1, The quality of the lens. The smoother the glass on the lens the more true light passes through it giving it a more similar characteristic to what the light bounced off as it hits your eye and makes an image in your brain. If light passes through the lens and defracts it courses the light beams to cross over and this makes for a blurry image.

Also the large the lens the better the camera works in dark locations. This is especially important when shooting a wedding video as the videographer has no control over the locations which are often quite dark.


2, The size of the chip is hugely important also as the image is formed on the chip and that image eventually has to be expanded to go on a plasma tv so the larger the image on the chip the less of an expansion is needed when it eventually end up on a tv screen.


3, The megabite recording speed of the camera is also important because the more information the picture has the detailed it will be.


4, The recording format is also important. At the moment 4k is the best recording format as this records at almost 4 times the number of horizontal and vertical lines as true high definition.


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What Determines Video Recording Quality



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