Black And White Wedding Video Or Colour Wedding Video

Because wedding are classical moments in time, a lot of couples ask us to produce a black and white wedding video for them. This makes sense in terms of cinematic style if you are getting married at a beautiful old hall and their are old car or horse and carriages around. Black and white video can really make these things shine to the full.


How ever your will then miss the vibrant colour of the flowers, table decorations and other decorations around the venue.


For this reason a lot of couples request a dual dvd box with one colour version of their wedding video and black and white version.


We always record in colour but then we desaturate to produce a black and white version of the film.


Another option is to have some of the video in black and white and some in colour. This if chosen correctly can bring an extra dynamic level to the wedding video.


Ultimately although we advise we leave it down to the bride and groom to make the final decision. After all it is a decision that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.


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