Why Buy The Digital File Of My Wedding Video  

Not many wedding video companies sell their customers the digital files of their wedding video.

The reason for this is that if the wedding videographer sells the digital file there is every chance that some one may use the file for a purpose that it is not intended for. First of all the file can be edited as it will most likely be importable into an editing program which means some one could cut it up and repackage it as their own work. This may be unlikely but if the bride and groom have a friend who is trying to break into the wedding video industry then it is at least a possibility.

The bride and groom could also use this file to make copies of the wedding video to distribute to friends instead of buying proper copies of the dvd which will reduce the videographers income.


At Leeds Wedding Video we do sell the digital file because we feel a responsibility to do so because we are not sure how much longer the spinning disk weather it be blue ray or dvd will be in favour. They may come a point where you simply can not buy a blue ray or dvd player anymore and that would render the bride and groom's dvd or blue ray useless. After all you can't buy vhs players anymore and with the digital download becoming more and more popular it may be the case that in the future the sale of dvd and blue ray players will cease also.


Another advantage to the digital file is that it can be copies and put on various computers for safe keeping. If some one burgles your house while you are away on holiday and inadvertently steals your wedding video as they remove your dvd collection, then you are highly unlikely to get it back. If however they steal your computer but you also copies it to your parents computer who live at a different address then you are fine as you can take a copy of it when ever you like.


The digital file is also better quality than the dvd disk as the dvd disk is only 720 x 530 where as the digital file is 1020 x 1080. Infact the digital file could be exported as 4k to couples who have a 4k tv.

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