Why Video Is Better Than Photography For Emoting Memories

It has always been the case that a couple will almost automatically get a wedding photographer for their wedding. For many couples it is a case of which professional photographer to hire, rather than do we hire a photographer.


This is because until fairly recently photography was the only option, because film cameras and especially film stock were so expensive, but since the invention and continued improvement of the digital camcorder, that is no longer the case. Therefore the wedding video has become more and more popular, but it is still not as common as the wedding photographer.


Personally I believe that the wedding video is superior and these are my reasons why:


1, Sound. A photograph has no sound. It is therefore very hard to remember the laughs at the speeches when you can not remember what was actually said. The video records all of this, so that even in fifty years time, on your anniversary, you can relive the entire day with not only vision but with sound.


2, Sense of movement. You can look at a photograph where a person is in an interesting pose or position and although it is interesting, you have no idea what the photograph is about, what led up to that pose or position. Was it a crazy dance move, were they doing an impression? A photograph does not answer this question, where as video does, because it shows what led up to that moment.


3, Ease of watch. To look at photograph, you have to constantly turn the pages of an album, which takes you out of the moment that you are trying to recall. With a video, you can simply switch it on and watch the entire thing, while focussing on nothing but your memories of the day.


The other thing is that everyone in the room can watch at the same time, where as a with a wedding album, only the people close to the bride can see the pages.


In conclusion, I have the greatest respect for wedding photographers, and I believe that photography is a stunning art form, but as a keep sake and aid to remembrance, it is inferior to the wedding video.


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