Bridal Prep Verses Guests Arriving

In all of our packages, we include bridal prep, this is after all a big part of the day for the bride and all her maids. It is a given these days, that the photographer should spend some time with the bride while she is getting ready, and as a result of this, it is now expected that the videographer should also spend this time with the bride and produce a nice little montage of the bridal prep.


What is also nice on a wedding video, is to have a nice montage of all the guests arriving, seeing each other, hugging, making their way into the church and waiting for the bride. This is after all, the one thing that the bride will not actually see on the day of the wedding.


If the bride orders a one camera wedding video, then she will have to choose between the bridal prep and the guests arriving at the church. Both have their merits, as great parts of a wedding video, so it comes down to a personal choice.


The factors that mainly contribute to this decision are:


1, Does the bride consider getting ready a really important part of the day


To some girls getting ready is almost as important as the night out, where as some girls are not quite so girly and therefore do not really care about the ceremony of getting ready. Some girls just want to literally be ready so they can get on with the day.



2, Does the bride want the extra pressure of having another relative stranger in the room with her, when she is trying to get ready on time.


There is no doubt, that getting ready can sometimes be a very stress full thing for a woman, and on her wedding day, that stress is magnified, because this is the one day that she has to be on time and has to look at her very best.



3, How curious is she to see people arriving


Some people have a curious nature and as such feel a strong need to see things, that they would not see otherwise. The guests arriving at the church is after all the one thing that the bride does not get to see on the day, so since this is the most important day of her life, it is only natural that she would want to see as much of it as possible.



4, Has she seen one of these elements on a friends wedding video


If the bride has seen one of these elements on her friend's wedding video and really liked what she has seen, then it is only natural that she would want this on her video also. In the reverse, if she had seen one of these elements on her friend's video and hated it, that would sway her decision the other way.


In summary, there are many other factors that can help make this decision, but these are the main ones I have noticed over the years. At present we have experienced that there is an equal amount of people choosing one or the other, which is to be expected, as they both have a lot to add to a wedding video. In the end, like most things, it is a personal choice.


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