Should I Get A Wedding Video?

A lot of people ask them selves "should I get a wedding video?". Off course nearly every one gets a professional photographer and even if they don't they will have a family friend responsible for getting the photos, its a no brainer.


The wedding video however is not. They are variety of reasons for this which I will discuss below:


1, Extra Pressure. There is no doubt that a lot of people feel extra pressure when they are aware that what they are doing is getting recorded. Its one thing to make a one time goof, its another to have immortalised on video.

The parts of the day that would be particularly susceptible to this would be the speeches, the ceremony, first dance and the bridal prep.

A lot of men feel nervous about making a speech any way. If you are not used to public speaking then suddenly having to make a speech with every one looking at you is very difficult.

The ceremony also involves a different king of public speaking and although the ceremony leader will guide the bride and groom through the service, because the wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day it can induce a lot of nervousness and this can create mistakes. Add to that sense of nervousness that it is all being recorded and its can scare a lot of people.


2, Intrusion. A lot of people feel that by having a big video camera in their face they will not be able to relax. The truth is an experienced wedding videographer should be pride himself on being almost invisible and should be able to get the shots he needs whilst also keeping out the way. The best way to do this is by shooting on a tripod and not moving much. This that the camera and it operator are just there and are not causing a distraction.


3, Cost. The wedding video is often the last thing to be booked because the actual logistical things of the day take president over it. The simple fact is you have to have rings, a venue, a cake, food etc or else the day itself can not happen.


Its is worth remembering though that all you are left with at the end of the day is your wedding photographs and your wedding video. You cant go back and re do it and for this reason the wedding video should be a part of your day. Allowing five to ten percent of your budget for a wedding video is a small amount considering how final the decision is.

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